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Go Performing Customized International Performance Tours
Have Go Performing customize your International Tours for your band, choir, or orchestra to include World Class Venues, Master Classes, and Joint Performances with local musicians. We’ll handle everything from concert organization, audiences, to flights, and to the not to be missed sites in each location. Below are a few destinations that are popular ---however if you dream it we can get you there!! Ever performed in the Baltics? - We can get you there! Ever wondered about performing in Croatia? We can get you there as well! We customize all tours to the destination of your choice!
Portugal & Spain
  • Portugal and Spain can easily be combined in a tour to include the cities of Lisbon, Porto, Salamanca and Madrid.  An alternative routing begins in Barcelona, traveling then across the temperate climate of northern Spain, ending in Porto, Portugal. The latter follows closely the St. James Way pilgrimage route and includes Santiago de Compostela. If you have only one word with which to describe Spain, it would be “festivals.” From the smallest village to the largest city, the country abounds in colorful spectacles of music and culture.  Portugal exudes authenticity. It is a modern country, member of the European Union, which has managed to maintain many of the more appealing aspects of centuries past.
  • Peru is a kaleidoscope of ethnicities, each contributing to the food, music, and traditions of the country. A country where music and dance are integral to the culture, it is an ideal destination for performing groups. Peru is a bio-diverse country with habitats ranging from the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region in the west, to the peaks of the Andes Mountains, to the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest in the east. Tour activities provide exceptional insight into the Peruvian culture from dance and drum lessons to horse shows to birdwatching.
France & Spain
  • Discover two of the greatest European cities during this tour that begins in Paris and ends in Barcelona. You may be surprised to found however, that your favorite part of the tour is the journey from one city to the next. Traveling through the Loire River Valley and the Périgord regions, you will connect with La France Profonde. Here you will find the where iconic French villages and meandering rivers lined with medieval castles, walled cities and abbeys. It is in the small towns such as Amboise and Sarlat-la-Canéda that you will have the opportunity to appreciate and absorb French culture.
  • What makes this routing special is the diversity of historic sites and diversity of terrain. From Paris to the rolling Burgundian hills, from an Alpine summit to the lavender fields of Provence. You will see sites dating from nearly every period of France’s illustrious history including vestiges of Ancient Rome, medieval abbeys and churches, and, on the French Riviera, art nouveau structures.
South Africa
  • Few places on earth rival South Africa for music, culture, hospitality, natural beauty and once in a lifetime safari experiences. Stay in the south of the country to visit Cape Town and the Garden Route or for a longer tour, continue to Johannesburg and the game experiences in the northern portion of the country.
Czech Republic, Austria, & Germany
  • This tour has it all; a perfect cross section of eastern and western Europe, Imperial cities, alpine villages, medieval castles and spectacular performance venues.
  • Italy touches your soul and your senses; Rome’s ancient history, Florence’s renaissance masterpieces, Cremona the home of Stradivarius, medieval hill towns, gondolas and the food, oh the food! The options are endless. Here’s just one program that can easily be revised to include your wish list. You’ll find so many things to love about Italy!
Holland, Belgium, & Luxembourg (Benelux)
  • Cruise Amsterdam’s famous canals, visit the nearby windmills and tulip fields, have a café on Brussels Grand-Place amid baroque guild houses and the Gothic Town Hall, visit Bruges one of Western Europe’s most perfectly preserved medieval towns, and Luxembourg City’s fortified medieval old town perched on sheer cliffs. This tour offers natural beauty, history, and culture at every turn.
  • The island of Ireland is home to two countries, but to the visitor it will seem as one. The Republic of Ireland achieved independence from Britain after World War I. Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom. Majestic scenery, ancient history, unique music, literary traditions, warm and inviting. Come meet the people! Whatever your group’s interest or theme, you will be most impressed by the warm Irish welcome as you travel through its cities and charming small towns.
French Canada
  • Montreal is the largest French speaking city outside of France. It has a Notre Dame Cathedral, bateaux mouches, a Latin Quarter, and a Metro! Cafes and restaurants abound in all the neighborhoods. Quebec City’s 400 year history is reflected in its architecture, narrow winding streets, and ramparts, reminiscent of old Europe. Quebec City is the first city in North American to earn the UNESCO world heritage designation. French Canada is a wonderful getaway for young and old, and in all seasons.
Victoria & British Colombia
  • The wild beauty of the Pacific Coast meets historic splendor in British Columbia. Experience the natural beauty and sophistication of Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler on a concert tour to Western Canada.

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