Holland, Belgium, & Luxembourg (Benelux)

Cruise Amsterdam’s famous canals, visit the nearby windmills and tulip fields, have a café on Brussels Grand-Place amid baroque guild houses and the Gothic Town Hall, visit Bruges one of Western Europe’s most perfectly preserved medieval towns, and Luxembourg City’s fortified medieval old town perched on sheer cliffs. This tour offers natural beauty, history, and culture at every turn.

14 Days /12 Nights

Group size

Highlights Include:
  • Guided Tour of Amsterdam
  • Visit to the Largest Flower Market in the World
  • Anne Frank House Museum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Canal Cruise in Amsterdam
  • Guided Tour of Luxembourg City
  • Guided Tour of Brussels
  • Guided Tour of Bruges including a Canal Cruise
  • Excursions to The Hague, Ghent, Damme, Maastricht, & Antwerp
Possible Performance Venues:
  • Prestigious Basilicas
  • Local Churches, Concert Halls, & festivals
  • Universities and Schools
  • Summer Concert Series
  • Joint Concerts and Exchanges with Local Ensembles

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As we are an international company, we will follow CDC and WHO guidelines, as well as any additional guidelines set by the local authorities where our events and tours take place.  In addition, our event staff, bus drivers, and guides will always be required to wear masks. All participants and chaperones will be required to wear masks while on tour or in the performance venue. The only exception will be for participants during their performance. As we have seen throughout this pandemic, things change quickly. We will update this policy, as necessary, when we get closer to each tour, performance, masterclass, or festival.

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